Leak Detection System

Leak Detection System

WaveControl is an advanced pipeline leak detection system (LDS) designed for oil/gas/energy enterprises and companies.

Main advantages

Quality and Reliability
High accuracy and speed of detection
Industrial quality
Complience with the highest industry standards

The system is based on the principle of detection and identification of pressure waves (also known as rarefaction waves) that occur in pipelines during leaks. WaveControl® provides:

  • Automatic control of integrity of pipelines located above and underground, as well as subsea pipelines.
  • Detection of leaks in gas and liquid pipelines that occur due to physical wear and corrosion, technological disasters, landslides and seismic activity.
  • Detection of unauthorized taps into the pipelines and theft of gas and liquid products.
  • Prevention of possible technological and ecological disasters due to leakage of large quantities of product.
  • Continuous operation and detection of leaks during outage or sabotage of communications.
  • Ability to automatically activate cut-off valves and isolate damaged sections of pipeline in the event of leak detection.
  • Reliable operation and precise readings in a wide range of climates with temperatures (-40°C to +70°C.)


WaveControl LDS is based on the principle of detection and identification of pressure waves that occur in pipelines during leaks. When the hole forms, product escapes in the form of a high velocity jet. The product loss produces negative pressure waves which propagate in both directions within the pipeline with the following characteristics:

  • the pressure waves travel over long distances because pipeline's walls guide the waves' fronts; pressure waves propagate in the product at the speed of sound;
  • product loss is detectable due to the generated negative pressure waves;
  • the amplitude of the pressure waves increases with leak size.

These pressure waves are analyzed by the local and central controllers and pass multiple levels of special filters and algorithms. WaveControl LDS detects small leaks quickly and provide means of limiting total product loss.

WaveControl LDS is ability to localize leaks in the pipelines with accuracy of approximately +/-50 meters and at the same time ensure a very low level of false alarms of less than one per year. The detection of a leak generally occurs within the 30 - 60 seconds from the time of the event and the system can detect leaks as small as 2,5 mm in diameter. For real pipelines such leak would comprise less than 1% of total flow of product.

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