Perimeter security systems

Perimeter security systems

Group LB has many years of experience in the design and installation of various perimeter security systems all over the world. Majority of Customers and Operators of various perimeter security systems are interested in only four key parameters:

  • High probability of detection of intrusion attempts.
  • Absence of false alarms.
  • The minimal costs of system’s operation.
  • Easy administration of the system.

The perimeter security systems offered by Group LB satisfy all of the above requirements and are designed for securing extended perimeters of enterprises with high level of security requirements.

Group LB's integrated perimeter security solution is made up of T-REX perimeter security system and perimeter protection barrier means

T-REX perimeter security system

Main advantages

Remote control
10-year guarantee
100% detection with no false alarms
Minimum maintenance


The T-REX perimeter security system has the following key characteristics and advantages:

  • Probability of intruder detection is not less than 99,5%.
  • Level of false alarms: no more than 2 on 1 km of perimeter per one year.
  • A 10 year warranty period for the system.
  • Minimal service requirements.
  • Remote control of all system’s functions via wired and wireless devices.
  • Localization of intrusion down to 100 meters.

Technical Description T-REX

Perimeter protection barrier means

Main advantages

Does not require vertical planning of the area
20 years guarantee
Hot-galvanized prefabricated elements
Integral sections


Group LB manufactures advanced perimeter protection barrier means that are made of meshed fence. The mesh is made of wire rods 6 mm in diameter that are compacted to diameter of 4.5 mm to strengthen their surface and to protect them against cutting by improvised means. To prolong service life, ready-made meshed panels and posts are hot-galvanized with a protective zinc coat which provides up to 50 years of services life without any visible corrosion traces and with no need for re-galvanizing.

The following configurations of perimeter protection barrier means are available:

  • Welded wire mesh fence with a front guard protecting against climb-over.
  • Welded wire mesh fence with front and back guards protecting against climb-over.
  • Straight welded wire mesh fence.
  • Welded wire mesh extension for mounting on top of the existing wall.

Perimeter Protection Barrier Means

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