Robots and tactical surveillance equipment

Robots and tactical surveillance equipment

Group LB offers the following advanced equipment for carrying out tactical surveillance:

Main advantages

Unique equipment in the Russian market
Mobility (Compact and lightweight)
High speed of deployment
Ease of use


Surveillance sensor «Eye Ball»

Eye Ball is an advanced, audio/visual surveillance sensor that can be deployed and operated by a single person. Each unit is only slightly larger than a baseball making deployment easy; simply throw the Eye Ball into the area you need to survey, mount it on a pole or lower it on a cable through a tunnel.

Mini-robot «Eye Drive»

Eye Drive is an observation and surveillance remote-controlled, lightweight mini-robot that provides continuous real-time 360° audio and video surveillance.

The Omni-Directional Reconnaissance System «ODR LV»

The ODR LV System was specially designed for light vehicles engaged in law enforcement, anti-terror, VIP Protection, undercover, and search & rescue operations.

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