Video management system “MATRIX”

Video management system “MATRIX”

In the modern world video management systems (VMS) are an integral part of security systems. Today in the market there are tens software programs for management of video information. Our company has decided to change the approach to video surveillance systems and has decided to create something new, cardinally distinct from everything that is available in the market. While creating our system we were guided by several principles:

Main advantages

Virtual patrol and dynamic maps
Support of video analytics and all modern protocols
Modular architecture
Ease of use


"MATRIX" VMS is utilizes the newest developments in hardware and software design, and some the solutions are patented.


  • New generation of software intended for management of networked security video systems and maintenance of large scale video archives.
  • An innovative approach, a new level of functionality and convenience.
  • The simple and intuitive user interface.
  • Scalable maps with dynamic live channels.
  • «Virtual patrol» context navigation.

This is “MATRIX” that doesn’t require a reboot!

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